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Customer service training – Why is it important for retail store staff ?

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Customer service is one of the most challenging tasks that retail store staff face in their day-to-day lives. In addition to knowledge of the products and their respective prices, staff must have attitudes, skills, commitment and other characteristics that provide a positive and memorable experience to customers.

The attitude of service and customer service has become one of the most important elements of loyalty. While consumers take into account factors such as quality and price when buying products, a positive experience is what they value most when visiting an establishment. And, being involved an emotional factor in the response of acceptance or rejection, it has more weight than the economic cost of the product.

In this article, we will analyze the need to provide customer service training for employees in the retail sector: areas to work, objectives to achieve, tangible benefits for your business and we will tell you how and where to train your staff. Read carefully.

 Reasons to train your customer service staff

Increase in customer loyalty

Trained staff can provide better customer service. Excellent customer service can overcome the lack of products in stock, as by creating an emotional connection with them, it is possible to get them to forgive the shortcomings and go back to shopping in the future.

Under other conditions, an establishment with no customer service, or where service is bad can get a sale but will hardly gain customer loyalty. We can recognize this situation by remembering those times when we enter a store and need help to find information about a product, but there are no employees available, or their attitude is of very little support in solving the problem. We will probably feel dissatisfied and leave with no intention of returning later.

Provide tools for staff to know how to deal with difficult situations

With the above example, we should not infer that the employee would intentionally provide a bad service; s/he probably does not know the products, does not have them in stock, or is defensive to the attitude of the customer. Therefore, customer service training focused on retail would help you face the situation and provide a positive experience, even if the sale has not materialized.

Sales support

Any other way, during the training, it is important that the employee knows the products with which they work, in this way s/he will improve their skills and they will be able to make decisions that help increase sales. For example, if employees notice that the merchandise is poorly placed, they will put it correctly so that it is visible to the customer and strategically positioned to increase sales. In the same way, employees can detect marketing errors when they are in front of customers, to take new strategies that attract customers to certain products.

Work satisfaction

In addition, investing in staff training can raise morale. From the moment they know they will be given training to improve their performance, they will feel valued, supported and eager to learn more. In fact, it has been found that employees who receive constant training feel more loyalty for the company that has invested in their career.

Feeling more motivated, employees provide better job performance and this includes customer service. A happy employee can be distinguished several feet away, and what customer does not like to be treated with a smile?

Objectives of customer service training

To obtain a successful training program, it is important to know the objectives to be achieved:


When is the best time to train staff?

To be effective, training must be an ongoing process, conducted during specific and strategic events for the organization. The basic types of trainings are:

Induction of new employees

Induction courses are a challenge for large companies, where cycles of new recruitments are constantly opened, or for those who hire staff on a seasonal basis. When new staff members join the team, they should be given training on the basics of the store, products that are marketed, job definition and functions so that they can perform as they are expected to do.

In addition to the above, it is important to include customer service training, especially for sales floor employees who will be in constant contact with customers to provide information, solve problems, prospect and create alliances or make sales.

These first sessions help new collaborators feel welcome, resolve their doubts, have clarity about their functions and provide customer services in accordance with the protocols.

 New product launches

Retailers are constantly faced with challenges such as new product launches, so along with the brand they must take action to get customers to know and test them.

Sales employees must be trained on updates, changes, novelties, releases, features and benefits of each product, in order to provide customer service oriented to the resolution of doubts, advice, support to choose a product and for the customer to make an informed and satisfactory decision.

Modalities of customer service training


Meet The Friedman Group

With a trajectory of more than 15 years, at The Friedman Group we have the mission to help companies identify their training needs to implement the programs that meet them, training personnel who work part-time, seasonal or full-time.

Our goal is to generate tangible results through the training provided by experts with a long history and experience working with small businesses as well as large corporations, always looking for ways to create alliances to help each other grow.

By training your employees with Friedman University’s Customer Service and Experience Program, you will ensure that you create world-class experience teams, capable of creating and following a strategic plan focused on your customers, and that will also motivate them to continue learning and growing professionally.

At Friedman University we have an online platform where your collaborators can access our courses remotely, easily and in less than an hour get the most important sales and customer service fundamentals.

Benefits of Friedman University Training

Sales and customer service staff need all the knowledge and skills at their disposal to provide a better experience to customers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions that will really make them leave the establishment satisfied. Among the benefits for your company are:

In addition to sales and customer service training, Friedman University offers courses in:

Now that you know the benefits of customer service training and the courses we have for you at Friedman University, it is time to contact us: fill out the form available on our website and we will get back to you soon. Consult our plans and schedule a free consultation for more information, we will gladly assist you.


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