important types of leadership in companies

Know the most important types of leadership in companies

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Leadership is one of the most important qualities, not only for work, but for daily life. In the organizational environment, companies that have leaders, rather than traditional bosses, have succeeded more quickly and created a healthier work environment.

However, you may have noticed that the ways of leading are different and have different effects, so it is important to know the types of leadership to know which one best suits your company, or your personality, if you are looking to develop this competence. Come and meet us.


Organizational leadership

It is the field that focuses on the heads of organizations: owners, managers, senior executives, who instead of acting as bosses who send a group of employees who obey orders without question, have qualities that influence their work team to motivate, solve problems, learn together and move the company forward.

A good organizational leader has the goal of meeting the goals of the company and accompanying his team in the process, committing to participate in each stage.


Natural or charismatic leadership

A natural leader may not hold a managerial or managerial position in his or her work, but becomes the guide of his or her team without being asked to. We recognize them because their peers follow their example, execute the directions they give, and accept their advice and recommendations as something to be followed. In addition, they are often highly appreciated by the work team as they have and generate positive attitudes within the group.


Authoritarian leadership – autocratic

Unlike the previous type, these leaders rely on authority because they tend to hold a position similar to the figure of the authoritarian leader, which limits the freedom of communication and movement of the group. Often, we see that the team wins, but the mistakes and responsibilities derive from it.


Participatory leadership – democratic

It is a type of leadership in which all members participate, so a healthy relationship is created in which the team contributes their opinions and participates in decision-making. Here, the leader is a reference model that, rather than giving orders or directions, represents the feeling of your entire team, helping to achieve the stated goals.


Transformational leadership

It is the most complete type of leadership that books have written and courses have been created to form authentic leaders who seek that their collaborators have an inner motivation that makes them introject the objectives of the company so that they perceive them as their own and work for reach them.


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