We offer a unique range of plans that fit any individual, small or large business at the most competitive pricing in the industry. Individuals are priced based on the courses they wish to access, while small business are based on the total number of users or “licenses” you need. Our custom pricing is best for any organization with more than 45 licenses. All plans are based on an annual subscription fee.



Your company does not need to offer training in order for YOU to get trained. We offer all our courses to individuals looking to further their career. Invest in yourself and get access to our best online training courses.

Single User Access
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We want you to outsource your sales and management training to us. Get access to ALL our online course + all our retail operations templates.
Price per user decreases as to add more licenses to help scale the cost as you scale your operations.

Starting price +5 users
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Completely organize all your training into a single platform. Combine our courses and your materials to create a fully customized Learning Management System that fits your needs.

Tailored to your needs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You are purchasing an active license, so you can replace that license whenever you wish.
We recommend “suspending” users instead of deleting them. This opens up a license for you and maintains the record of the old user in case they come back or it needs to be referenced for HR purposes.
We recommend having a “buffer” of about 5 – 10 users depending if you have a number of seasonal or part time employees.
YES! Every manager is uniquely tied to their store or region, allowing them to only see their teams progress. Admin users can see everyone.
You can upgrade your plan at anytime to accommodate for additional users. You will be billed for that additional users at the time you add them.
Yes, any user can retake the courses as many time as they wish. We actually recommend retaking certain sections of the course to refresh and sharpen your skills.
Yes, but we recommend limiting it to no more than 3.