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Tips on how to handle objections

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One of the challenges to overcome by the sales department are the objections, which while part of the daily routine, can cause anxiety to the seller, make him doubt his abilities, detract from their motivation and even consider objections as a criticism of his person.

However, sellers should not only focus on the sale, their commissions, and everything positive about this work. Objections are not limited, but opportunities to get to know the customer better and provide a solution that truly meets their needs.

Today, we will give you some tips to create an action plan to handle sales objections and break down the barriers that prospects put in. Join us in reading.

Make a good prospecting

The main cause of failure in sales is the lack of a funnel to identify potential customers and then create a plan to attract them through products or services that solve problems or bring value to their business.

If through the objections, you noticed that the prospects do not fit with the solutions that your business provides them, it is time to purify the funnel and mark them as unqualified opportunities within the sales process.

Make the ideal customer profile

The more features your buyer identified, the more likely the objections will diminish. In general, potential customers have a problem that your services can solve, are willing to act to solve the problem, and have a budget and authority to make the final decision.

If your prospects meet these three characteristics, you will eliminate objections, such as lack of budget, interest, or need for service. In addition, you can set a script based on the needs of the prospects and how your services will meet them.

Prospect analysis

When offering a service to a prospect, you should analyze whether you will really help them solve the problem they have, from the customer’s perspective. This same feature can be taken in favor of the company and ask if it will benefit from having the prospect as a customer, if it will give value or more problems than income.

By analyzing the prospectus you will be able to determine if it is really worth following the sales process or if you discard it and choose to continue attending to qualified prospectuses.

Focus on qualified prospects

If you have captured prospects that meet the above requirements, are interested in your services and there are still some barriers to breaking down (for example, having a contract with another company), focus your efforts on them, as the sales possibilities are high.

Detects the most frequent objections

Some of them are:

Most objections are manageable if you listen to the customer, detect their pain points, and provide the most appropriate solution to their needs.

Train your team

Thinking that the sales team will not face the objections of potential customers is a big mistake. For some vendors, it is hard not to feel the rejection as personal, but closing sales training should focus on strategies to handle objections and take them as opportunities to improve your sales strategy.

In addition, training can help them detect when objections are rejected by the product or service and when the prospect is really interested but has to overcome barriers such as lack of time to attend a call, a reduced budget, among others, which can be “turned around” and make a proposal that accelerates the decision-making process.

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